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Rubber vase

While shopping in a garden center in Venlo yesterday, I found this cool vase that is wrapped in old bicycle inner tubes. I love the look of the rubber and I’ve been eyeing pieces like this one on Etsy and similar places but I’ve refrained from buying. This vase was really fairly priced and K even really liked it so it went with us back home to Germany.

I placed a few white fresia in the vase and I must say I am pleased that all it takes to make this vase really shine is simple flowers like these. That means I am sure I’ll get a lot of use out of the vase. For the moment I placed two of my terracotta soldiers next to the vase but I am in the process of decorating for Christmas so I’ll likely find something Christmassy to add to the stillleben instead.

When it come to the terracotta soldiers it amazes me that I bought the small one almost 20 years ago in China (my parents bought the larger one about 5 years ago while travelling in China) and since then copies have circulated cheap decorating stores. I love my soldiers because they are “real” souvenirs not just decoration.

To simplicity … and beyond

After reading lots of interior design blogs for quite some time, I’ve decided to try my hand at my very own blog about our home and the design that I think is beautiful. I already have a general blog and one I keep to document life on a daily basis so this blog will only deal with the design aspect of my life.

As I am in the process of taking our home from “used and worn” towards a truly Scandinavian home, I will be documenting along the way and hope to inspire and be inspired by the wonderful blogging community.

Let’s go to simplicity … and beyond.